Did you just get your first wedding photography client? You may have experience in shooting portraits and landscapes, but this is the first time you have to shoot a wedding. Well, you don’t need to worry. In this guide, we’ll share 9 tips for shooting your first wedding.

As a photographer, you may face those moments when you receive a call from friends or family asking for the favor to shoot a wedding. You have to say yes, and then the anxiety begins!

Here are the 9 tips for shooting your first wedding with confidence:

1. Get the Right Wedding Photography Gear

First thing that you need to know for shooting a wedding is the right photography gear. Being a photographer, you should have basic camera and lenses. If you’re not planning on becoming a professional wedding photographer, then you can simply rent out the other gear that you need for this shoot, instead of buying everything you need.

Making an investment in your gear is crucial when you plan to become a professional wedding photographer.

2. Observe the Venue

It is recommended that you should scout the location a day before the wedding. It would be great if you can take someone who knows the venue.

By scouting the venue, you’ll learn about the light, decorations, entrance of the bride and groom, backgrounds and more. It will help you in shooting amazing photos.

3. Photoshoot Checklist

Make a photoshoot checklist before shooting your first wedding. This checklist will help you in getting all the most important shots, so you won’t miss out on anything.

4. Sign the Contract

Signing a term of agreement for payments, number of photos (hard and soft copies), and any other point that you discussed with the couple will save you from any arguments after the fact.

5. Prep Session with Couple

Preparation before the wedding day will help you in knowing your steps. You can connect with the couple to talk about the plan for the shoot. Discuss their expectations and find out what they want to achieve with this photography session.